Mapping gods in many languages

Mapping gods in many languages: the onomastic attributes in the Greek-Phoenician bilingual inscriptions.

How to address the gods in several languages? Corinne Bonnet and Maria Bianco examined divine onomastic attributes from the Greco-Phoenician bilingual inscriptions. What happened to the names of the gods during their passage from one language to another? By mean of translation, adaptation or interpretation, the onomastic elements of divine names changed. Yet what was the logic that governed these changes? By exploring the complete corpus of the Greco-Phoenician bilingual inscriptions, they revisited the category of interpretatio and showed how ritual strategies work in multilingual contexts.

S’adresser aux dieux en deux langues. Le cas des épiclèses dans les inscriptions bilingues phéniciennes et grecques“, Parcours anthropologiques 13 (2018).