Which digital tools for which historical issues?

Which digital tools for which historical issues? Histoire et numérique” Workshop for Master students, organized by Karine Karila-Cohen. Rennes, University of Rennes 2, December 10, 2018.

This workshop brought together historians from various periods and historical fields, as well as hard science researchers used to work with HSS data. It provided an opportunity to introduce Master of History students to a wide range of digital tools used for historical research, enabling them to deal with varied historical documents and issues. The main objective was to question the dialectical relationship between the historian’s “traditional” profession and digital know-how, particularly the interaction between historical questioning on the one hand, and digital tools and quantitative methods on the other.

In this context, Élodie Guillon, Antoine Laurent and Sylvain Lebreton, of the MAP team, presented a paper entitled “La base de données du projet Mapping Ancient Polytheisms : réflexions sur la construction et l’enrichissement d’une base de données relationnelle appliquée à l’histoire des polythéismes antiques”, in which they presented methodological reflections relating to ancient polytheisms and their study using digital tools.

PDF : 2018-12-10_Mastériales_Rennes_AFFICHE