Serial Gods ?

In order to inaugurate the research programme Pantheons in context: for a reasoned repertoire of lists of deities in ancient religions, coordinated by Gabriella Pironti (EPHE – ANHIMA), a collaboration has been set up with the ERC project Mapping Ancient Polytheisms and the research programme Penser en listes dans les mondes grec et romain co-led by Romain Loriol (Lyon 3 – Hisoma). On November 29-30, 2019, an exploratory meeting will examine the relationship between lists and ancient polytheisms from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

When, where, why, in what contexts are the gods put in series? How can we understand this particular practice of the language of polytheism? What are the syntactic logics that govern the sequence of divine names? What analogies and differences can be observed between the divine lists within the various cultural areas taken into account?


2019-11-29.30_dieux en séries_programme 2019-11-29.30_dieux en séries_ affiche

2019-11-29.30_dieux en séries_programme