MAP at the EABS Annual Meeting, Wuppertal 2020

The MAP project organises, in the frame of the European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS) Annual Meeting to be held in Wuppertal, August 3rd-6th, 2020, a new research unit entitled “Ancient Jewish and Christian Religions in their Broader Religious Landscapes”.
Since this will be the first year of the research unit, we would like to organise an exploratory session focussing on the Old Testament in order to offer a state of the art in the study of Israelite religion and identifying new trends of research. For this reason, we encourage scholars dealing with the Israelite religion and, in particular, with its Levantine / Near Eastern connections during the first millennium BCE, to present a paper proposal. Papers dealing with, but not exclusively, the following aspects are particularly welcome:
– new trends in the study of ancient Israelite religion;
– new methodological approaches to the study of ancient Semitic religions;
– a reassessment of the opposition between the notions of “monotheism” and “polytheism”, “urban” and “extra-urban” or even “nomadic” religions, etc.;
– comparative studies between the biblical god and other similar gods (especially in the Phoenician and Aramaic religions and in those of the Transjordan and Arabic peninsula);
– studies on similar strategies of representing the divine in iconography or onomastic (divine or human) in different religious systems.
The Call for Papers has opened and the closing date is February 20th, 2020.

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