September 2020: the MAP project is back!

In October 2020, the five-year MAP project moves into its 4th year. Due to the COVID pandemic, the ERC has given the project 3 additional months until December 2022. The 4th year will be marked by several key events. In November, the MAP Seminar 5 “Noms de dieux : Qui nomme les dieux ? Énonciateurs, destinateurs, agents rituels” will start. The program is available here: The seminar will be held by videoconference. In addition, the team is working hard to enable the online open access to the database of Greek and Semitic Divine Onomastic Sequences by January 2021, when about 5000 testimonies will be entered. Throughout the year, their number will continue to grow also thanks to the help of many Guest Researchers. Moreover, the international conference “Naming and Mapping the Gods”, initially planned for March 2020, will finally take place in February 2021, in a modality that will be specified according to the evolution of the pandemic.