Year: 2020

The “Naming and Mapping the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean” colloquium’s program is available

The program for the “Naming and Mapping the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean” colloquium is from now on available in the colloquium’s web page: In order to access the full content of the presentations, please remember to sign up (registration is free and open to everyone).

Corinne Bonnet gave a lecture on the theme “The three eyes of Zeus, the thousand names of Isis. Ancient gods in and out of the cave”.

On Thursday 29th October 2020, Corinne Bonnet gave the XXXIV Annual Conference of the Unione Internazionale degli Istituti di Archeologia Storia e Storia dell’Arte in Roma on the theme “I tre occhi di Zeus, i mille nomi di Iside. Gli dèi antichi dentro e fuori della caverna”. The conference is available here The discussion that followed here The enlarged text of […]

MAP is recruiting a postdoctoral student for the Greek area !

The ERC MAP project is recruiting a post-doctoral fellow for a one-year contract, possibly renewable, specialist of the Greek world, and more specifically of  the epigraphic corpus of one of the following regions:  Peloponnesus, Central Greece, Northern Greece, Greek Islands (including Crete but excluding Cyprus), Bulgaria and the Black Sea. 2020-09-25_MAP_appel-call_post-doc_FR-EN 2020-09-25_MAP_appel-call_post-doc_FR-EN

Soon on your screens: the MAP database

The MAP project team is preparing to enable the online open access to its database, with more than 4000 testimonies up-to-date. At the beginning of January, when it will encompass about 5000 testimonies, it will be accessible for the public, with multiple level queries, webmapping included. During October and November, tutorials will be shot to provide users with simple […]

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