RefDivinités : Reviewing a Collaborative Project for Data and Denomination Harmonization

  • Conducted by the Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne (BIS) and the FRANTIQ network (Fédération et Ressources sur l’Antiquité), with the expertise of a scientific committee made up of 20 researchers specialists in the field of ancient religions, the RefDivinités project has made it possible to harmonise the two repositories IdRef (used in the SUDOC union catalogue) and PACTOLS (specialised thesaurus used by the FRANTIQ indexed collective catalogue). In each repository, 664 authority records describing the deities and heroes of the ancient Mediterranean world have been created or enriched. Other harmonizations have also been carried out with Wikidata, VIAF and the BnF, in the perspective of a web of linked data.
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