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  • The ERC Advanced Grant Project 741182 MAP (Mapping Ancient Polytheisms. Cult Epithets as an Interface between Religious Systems and Human Agency), led by Corinne Bonnet, is now accepting applications for 1 postdoctoral position (100%) from the 01/01/2022.
  • Location: Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès, Maison de la Recherche (presence required). The research may require scientific missions in France and/or abroad.
  • Contract Category: A
  • Contract duration: 1 year.
  • Main tasks -The postdoc will exploit the onomastic sequences attributed to the gods in Greek inscriptions, thus taking part in one of the two areas covered by the project, in a longue durée perspective from 1000 BCE to 400 CE. -Applicants are expected to list divine onomastic sequences from Greek epigraphic sources, enter them in a database, investigate them using network analysis and cartography, and analyse them according to their context, as the most efficient indicator of the divine multiple powers and modes of action, as well as their connection to places where humans interact with them. The comparative approach between the Greek world and the Western Semitic world will allow a reappraisal of concepts such as transfer, translation, and adaptation connected to epithets or their translation into images and stories.
  • Activities – examine epigraphical corpora in Greek; – gather the data in a database; – analyse the data by combining traditional tools and innovative methods such as network analysis and its visualisation; – present research results through original publications (articles and/or monography), in French and English mainly; – take active part to the scientific activities of the team: seminars, workshops, conferences, summer schools, etc., and to their organisation; – present these results at conferences or seminars outside Toulouse; – assure the maintenance of a website with the whole team; – take part into research dissemination activities.
  • Required corpus -Peloponnesus -Central Greece (except Attica) -Northern Greece -Crete -Bulgaria and Black Sea
  • Requirements – in-depth training and research experience (PhD, optionally post-doc) in the field of History of Religions in Antiquity; applicants should have received their PhD preferably within the last five years; – excellent knowledge of ancient Greek; – familiarity with epigraphical corpora; – skills in the field of multiculturalism or comparatism between Semitic andGreek worlds would be an additional asset; – good knowledge of databases; – knowledge of tools deriving from network analysis and cartography would be an additional asset; – very good command of French and English and at least good comprehension of written German; – advanced teamwork skills.
  • Professional environment The postdoc will work under the direction of the Principal Investigator of the MAP project, namely Corinne Bonnet. He/she will work with the other postdocs, the project manager, a PhD and guest researchers.
  • Degree required Applicants should hold a PhD in the field of Ancient History, Classics or equivalent.
  • For further details on the position, contact Corinne BONNET:
  • Deadline for submission: 25/08/2021.
  • Applicants are requested to submit: – Curriculum Vitae (Education, experience in research, Publications, Projects; 5-6 pages max.) – Motivation letter (1 p.) – PDF of the PhD dissertation and of the final report of the Commission.
  • To be sent by mail to: