MAP lecture series “Noms de dieux !” at the UTL (Free Time University) of Toulouse (October 2018 – February 2019)

As part of its knowledge dissemination activities, the MAP project offered its first lecture series at the UTL (Free Time University) of Toulouse from October 2018 to February 2019:

« Noms de dieux ! Penser les dieux antiques à travers leurs appellations

(By gods’ names! Thinking ancient gods through their denominations) »

Our aim was to present a theme which was familiar to the general public – the gods – from an original (and characteristic of the MAP project) point of view: names. Before a large and committed audience, the team members explored ancient polytheisms through the multiple divine appellations that characterize them. After an introductory lecture on the “genome of polytheisms” (C. Bonnet), the divine figures of Yahweh (F. Porzia), Zeus (S. Lebreton), Hermes (T. Galoppin), Dionysus (S. Lebreton), Tanit (C. Bonnet), Isis (L. Bricault), Astarte (M. Bianco) were revisited, and then taken “on a journey” (E. Guillon et A. Laurent) to close the series.

Touched by the warm welcome we received, we intend to repeat this wonderful experience. Let’s meet again in 2019/2020 for a new series of lectures entitled “Where do the gods live? Sanctuaries and cult-spaces of the ancient Mediterranean”.