Seminar 4: The names of the gods! Exploring the potentials of the names: in images, in narratives

The names give way to images which, in their great diversity are, in as much, possible “readings” of the potentials driven by names like “Baal, Lord of the Heavens”, “Zeus Europa” or “YHWH Sabaoth”. In parallel, and often in relation with the images, the names arouse narratives which are intended to establish, explain and contextualize the use of one onomastic and/or iconographic attribute or another. Conversely, narratives about divine names can inspire artists.


We hope to focus on names, images and narratives, seeking connections but also discrepancies, in order to highlight, from duly selected cases or files, the specifications of the different languages used to unfold the potentials of the divine names. We will pay special attention to the links that the names, the images and the narratives convey. Ultimately, we will approach the dialogue between names, images and narratives in context, specifically in a ritual situation, in order to measure the agency and the impact simultaneously.

MAP_Program Seminar 4